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Learn about the 4 reasons to enter the new era of working with the transport orders though the System:

Saved time

Quick order handling

Unimpeded communication

Order delivery guaranteed

Adapted to your company

Order editing and order automation

and organised work

Information about orders always at hand

You can finally resign from Excel, Word and other order templates.
The System has everything that you need

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Frequently asked questions

1. Can I adjust the order numeration to the system used in my company?
.... Certainly! You only need to click the link Edit numbering formula placed by the order number.
2. Do I have to manually fill in the address data of my regular counterparties for each order?
.... No need for that. When selecting the counterparty, just use the +Add company option and fill in all the required fields. Once you add the company data, you can use it for every future order.
3. Can I send an order to a company outside the System?
.... Yes. Your counterparty will receive the order via email and will be able to confirm it by clicking on the link provided in the message.
4. Can I create my own order conditions templates?
.... Yes. An authorised person can establish multiple order templates, e.g. for different counterparties or in different language versions. Every employee of the company will be able to access them.
5. Can I add my logo to the order?
.... Yes. Company logo will be visible on every order document, if the authorised user includes it in the company profile.
6.Can I add driver info to the order?
.... Yes.When creating an order, it is possible to provide name, last name and ID card number of the driver, as well as the registration numbers of the tractor unit and the trailer.
7. Does the order accepted in the System is legally binding?
.... Yes. It is a binding agreement resulting from the forms of conclusion of agreements provided for in the Civil Code.